About Whitaker Roofing

As a company, we feel that it is important for you as a homeowner, or property manager, to know who you are working with!

Whitaker Roofing Salt Lake City Utah

Whitaker Roofing residential roofing company has completed over 10,000 projects since we started serving the Salt Lake valley over 30 years ago. As the leading roofing contractor for residential roofing in the area we have a 95% customer satisfaction rate. Our past performance speaks volumes.

Our roofers are all Certified ShingleMasters and have completed a formal training program offered by CertainTeed, allowing us to offer you the best available warranty for your roofing project. Whitaker Roofing is also a preferred contractor for Owens Corning. Giving you the satisfaction knowing you are in good hands.

Meet the Whitaker Roofing Services Team!

As a company, we feel that it is important for you to know who you are working with. Here we are!

Schedule Your Appointment

Jared Smith – Scheduler, Sales Assistant, and Marketing Coordinator

Jared joined Whitaker Roofing in 2021, as an appointment scheduler and sales/office assistant. He comes from hospitality, healthcare, and food/beverage background. Although he is new to roofing, he has learned quickly about the industry and brought great strengths to our team. Whitaker Roofing is excited to have him. He will be the one to schedule your initial appointment, answer general questions you may have, take payments over the phone, and direct your calls as needed. If he isn’t available, please leave him a message, and you will be amazed at how quickly Jared will call you back.

Meet Your Estimators

Whitaker Roofing Salt Lake CityHeber Langford – Sales Manager

Heber came to the roofing company in 2000 as a roof installer. He has worked his way from roof installer to roof repairman, to roofing estimator, and now sales manager. Heber has seen his fair share of roofing issues! If you have a roofing question, Heber has the answer! He is very detail-oriented and easy to talk to about any residential roofing service you may need. He is realistic about your needs. If you do not need a new roof and just need a repair, he will be honest and upfront. He is fluent in both English and Spanish. He specializes in roof repairs, roof replacements, and hard-to-diagnose roof leaks.

William Yanez – Sales Estimator

William joined the roofing company team in 2017 as a roof installer. We were so impressed with his hard work, and attention to detail, that we promoted him to our roof repair team in 2019. In 2021, we promoted him again to our sales team. With the majority of our repair estimates performed by him, he also can-do roof replacement estimates as well. He may be young, but he knows his stuff from start to finish. He is also fluent in both English and Spanish. If you need roof leak repair or just a new roof, he will be sure to take care of you and your residential roofing needs.

Accept Your Proposal

Whitaker Roofing Salt Lake CityJuli Cummings – Operations Manager

Juli has been with Whitaker Roofing since 2006. She comes from an accounting/retail/customer service background. She is the voice of our company. Once you decide to let us take care of your roofing project, she will be notified and will reach out to answer all your questions about deposits, financing, scheduling your roof work, and any other concerns you may have. She will be with you every step from start to finish. She will help you choose your shingle color and will even visit the job sites to make sure things are running smoothly at your job.

Closing Out and Paying for your Job

Whitaker Roofing Salt Lake CityRiley Huish – Office Manager and Marketing Coordinator

Riley joined the Whitaker Roofing team in 2022 and is new to Utah. She brings with her 6+ years of experience in finance and graduated with honors in Business Administration. Although she is new to roofing, she has learned quickly and has grown a passion for the industry. Riley manages the office and handles all of the company’s finances. She will be your main point of contact for any questions regarding invoicing or making payments.

Let the Work Begin

Whitaker Roofing Salt Lake CityJorge Lara – Production Manager
Jorge started with the roofing company as a roof installer in 2002. Through hard work and an eye for detail and quality, he worked his way to roof installation Foreman. He was promoted to the roofing company management team in 2016 because of his ability to work with both coworkers and customers. He makes sure your job is done right! He is fluent in both English and Spanish. Jorge will be onsite several times during your reroofing project. If there are any immediate concerns with your new roof, he will be your first point of contact but if he isn’t available right away, feel free to call Juli and she will take care of you.

Whitaker Roofing Salt Lake CityAlfonso Aguilar – Foreman
Alfonso started with Whitaker Roofing in 2014. He is one of our main Forman who works directly with our production manager and operations manager. He is responsible for managing our crew on sight for full roof replacements. He oversees keeping the project on track and reporting to Jorge or Juli any issues or needs for the job. He is fluent in both Spanish and English.

Whitaker Roofing Salt Lake CityGreg Austin – Repairman
Greg came to the roofing company in 2004 and joined our roof installation team. He has a long background of working on all types of roofs but specializes in asphalt roofs and residential roofing. Because of his eye for detail and his ability to spot roof repairs and fix the roofing problem, Greg has become our main repairman. If your roof has a problem, chances are Greg can fix it!

Whitaker Roofing Salt Lake CityNathan Smith – Repairman
Nathan joined our roofing team in 2020, with a background in construction and residential roofing. He joined our growing repair team. There is a high demand for general roof repairs, roof leaks, and partial roof replacements but not many companies want to spend time on small repairs or do not have a roof repair department. We are lucky to have two of the best roof repair guys around.

The Minute You Contact Whitaker Roofing, You Become A V.I.P. To Our Entire Company

The word “service” has gotten a bit lost (or perhaps confused) in our franchised world of mass production. There’s a time and place for selling something cheap and fast; but not in roofing.

When you choose Whitaker to be your roofing contractor in Salt Lake City, you get that old fashioned experience of customer service that includes:

1. Reachable

Our office is staffed Monday through Friday 8a – 4p MST. When you call, we answer. If we don’t answer, it’s because we’re tied up with other clients, but rest assured and leave us a message. Please leave us a message, and you will be amazed at how quickly we call you back!

2. Honesty

It’s easy to over-promise and under-deliver a product as complex as a roof replacement or repair in Salt Lake City. There are LOTS of places to hide costs and cut corners. We don’t do either. The price you’re quoted comes with full disclosure about how we arrive at our costs. If we have an oversight (it happens on occasion), we’ll fix it at no additional cost to you.

3. Easy-Goin’ Sales Approach
(We’re More Consultants Than Salesmen)

Let’s be honest, we’d like to win every job we bid on. However, we don’t. No roofer in Salt Lake does. We’ve learned over the years that it’s better to create a smooth, stress-free sales process that you’ll brag to your friends and neighbors about… even if you don’t hire us! If we do happen to win your business, even better. You’ve got enough pressures in life; no need to add another when it comes time to “shop” roofers. We’re about as easy-goin’ as they come.

4. Respect For Your Property

Roofing by its very nature can be messy and disruptive. That’s why use a thorough job clean-up checklist that our crews strictly adhere to. If we accidentally damage any landscaping or other items on your property, we replace it on our dime.

5. Warranties With Teeth

Everyone knows warranties can sound good on the surface, but end up having all these clauses and disclaimers come time to actually exercise your warranty rights as the customer. At Whitaker Roofing, we made a promise to ourselves a long time ago that we’d only offer our customers warranties that actually mean something… like up to 20 years on installation, and typically a limited lifetime warranty on materials (our manufacturers set those terms of course)! Otherwise, what’s the point?

6. Up Front Pricing

There are few worse surprises in life than a hidden charge on a bill. It’s just annoying! We understand because like you, we’re homeowners and pay vendors for a variety of services for our households as well. That’s why we practice full disclosure on our bids… right up front. You’ll know EXACTLY what you’re paying for your new roof or roof repair job BEFORE a hammer is ever swung!

7. Courtesy Follow-Up Calls and Inspections

Just about every quality roofing contractor in Salt Lake City will do their best once the project starts. However, what really sets one roofer apart from another is their policies AFTER the job is completed. At Whitaker Roofing, we commit to a follow-up within 12 months after the job is complete. All you must do is give us a call to schedule it! Yep, you read right; after the job is complete. This way, as the roofing materials “settle” per the weather and other elements, we can proactively keep an eye on it all to make sure your new roof is SUPER SOLID. Our charge for these follow-ups is $0. Why? Because we’re confident in our workmanship and the quality materials we use on every roofing installation in Salt Lake City.

8. Safety First

Roofing is a reasonably hazardous profession. Accidents do happen even to the best of crews out there. So, we hold regular safety trainings with all crew members, and, equip them with the latest in safety equipment such as harnesses, footwear, and OSHA approved ladders. Meanwhile, we also carry $1 Million in worker’s comp insurance. Our liability insurance has limits up to $2 Million on certain areas; it’s $1 Million per occurrence. You can rest knowing that if an accident occurs on your project, we’ve got the resources to cover any damage to property or personnel.

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