Roofing Materials and Lifespan: Wood Shake, Synthetic, Architectural

In part one of this two-part blog series, we looked at some of the most common roofing materials used for homes, plus the general lifespan ranges they come with. Many roofing materials will last for decades if they're properly maintained, and knowing the ins and outs here for your specific material often pays dividends. At […]

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Roofing Materials and Lifespan: Shingles, Tile, Slate

We all want our roof to last as long as possible while providing robust protection from the elements, and one of the key factors that's at play here is the material used for the roof itself. There are several high-quality materials used for today's roofs, and each will have a slightly different range of possible […]

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Basics on Roofing Work During the SLC Winter

For those who have roofing needs on their homes or properties during the cold Utah winter, you may be wondering what's possible while it's especially cold outside and snow is on the ground. Can roofer still provide services during these settings? Are there particular services that can or cannot be provided depending on the temperature […]

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Protecting Yourself as an SLC Roofing Consumer

Protecting yourself as a consumer is vital in any setting, and the roofing world is a great example. There are several ways you should be ensuring you're protected when working with any kind of roofing contractor or professional, and many of these involve simple checks or confirmations that take very little time. At Whitaker Roofing, […]

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Value of Fall Gutter Cleaning for Your Roof

There are certain components on a given home that are directly linked with one another in terms of practical operations, and a great example here is your roof and your rain gutter system. These two components work in symbiotic ways, and there are many situations where issues with one could lead to issues with the […]

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Value of Pre-Winter Roofing Inspections

As the hot SLC summer finally ends and begins to give way to fall's cooler weather, home and building owners throughout the city are already often looking ahead to the winter weather that will hit before long. There are several property areas that you might be thinking about here, and one of the single most […]

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Why SLC Roof Ventilation is So Important

There are a few key elements that should be closely considered for any roof on your home or buildings, and one of these that sometimes doesn't get enough attention from property owners is ventilation. Found in the form of various vents that sit on the roof and often allow air to pass in and out […]

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Reasons July is a Good Time for a New Roof

You might be thinking that the central part of summer isn't ideal to schedule a new roof installation on your home or building, but this can actually be a misconception. While it's true that demand may increase somewhat this time of year, you also have to factor in how many people take trips and aren't […]

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Why It's Time to Switch From Swamp Cooler to Central Air

As the hottest parts of the Utah summer quickly approach, residents around Salt Lake City and other parts of the state are looking to prepare their homes for this reality. One possible upgrade that should be strongly considered around this time: An upgrade from an older swamp cooler your home may still be using to […]

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Why Spring is Prime Time for SLC Roof Repairs

While roof repairs can technically be carried out at most points through the year, weather-permitting of course, there are certain seasons or periods of the year where these are easiest and most convenient. As it turns out, we're in one of these periods right now during the spring. At Whitaker Roofing, we're here to provide […]

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