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Choosing The Best Roof Color For Your Home

When choosing a roof color for your home, you probably have a couple of colors in the back of your mind and are just planning on narrowing it down until the choice is obvious. Maybe you don’t have any idea what roof color is actually best for your particular home. Most homeowners just end up going with something safe like a shade of gray when there is a much more complementary color that will really make your home stand out and look amazing.

The right roof color can brighten up an otherwise dull home, add back the lost historical authenticity to your older home, or quietly and subtly display the best features of an already beautiful home.

Here are some steps that any Salt Lake City residential roofing company uses when helping homeowners choose a roof color. These steps should help you understand the process that goes into choosing the right roof color and which aspects of your home and property affect this choice.

Consider Your Home’s Style

Your roofing material and color will work together to give your entire exterior the best look. Considering your home’s architectural design will give you an indication of which colors will look good.

If you are restoring a Victorian style home, look to that time period for inspiration. Brown or bronze roofing tiles will restore your home to its original glory.

If your home is a Colonial style, look to darker shades of shingles such as black or weathered gray.

For the rustic home style, earthy browns, greens, and tans are good choices.

For the modern or contemporary home, the color of your home will greatly affect the choice of your roof color.

Choose Complementary Colors Not Matching Colors

Often, homeowners tend to gravitate towards another shade of the same color that they already have. While this can work in some instances, it is not usually the best choice. A home with gray siding will probably not look best with a shade of gray roofing. There are certain colors that complement each other such as gray and white, green and brown, or black and blue.

You can also choose your roof color by going with the opposite effect of your siding. If your siding is subtle, go bold on your roof. If your siding is bolder, go subtle on your roof.

Deciding On Pattern Or Solid

If your siding is subtle and you decide that a bolder roofing choice is right for your home, you might consider going with a pattern. Shades of gray can make an interesting and sophisticated roofing design. Keep in mind, though, if your home has an interesting design or patterns already, you’ll want to go with a solid roof. Patterns in bricks, for instance, look better with a solid roof.

Think Long Term

Your roof can last the lifetime of your home so think long term when choosing a roofing color. If there is a chance that you might sell your home in the future, keep your choice mainstream. Bold or unusual roofing colors are not as easy to sell because they don’t appeal to a wide range of people.

At Whitaker Roofing, we can help you choose the right roofing color for your home. We know that no two roofs are alike and we will treat you like an individual. Call Whitaker Roofing today for your quote.