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A well-built home can last hundreds of years, but maintenance is key. Your roof is the main protector of your home in keeping it safe and dry. But even the best-built roofs eventually need a roof replacement. When that time comes for your home, contact the top roof replacement contractor in the Salt Lake Valley: Whitaker Roofing.


How Long Does a Roof Last in Utah?

Depending on which residential roofing company you have chosen to work with in the past, you may need a new roof. Roofs generally last between 15 – 25 years. Some factors that determine how long a roof will last include:

  • Quality of roofing materials
  • Quality of workmanship
  • Condition of roof deck
  • Age of home
  • Proximity of the roof to trees
  • Damage the roof may have suffered from wind, hail, and debris
  • Quality of roof repair & maintenance.
  • Proper ventilation or no ventilation installed
  • Weather conditions with cold wet winters & hot dry summers

As you can see, there are many contributing factors to consider when deciding if you need a roof replacement. Many homeowners do not think much about their roof until there is a problem. This is natural since most homeowners have no expertise in roofing. Likewise, with roofs being in a generally inaccessible area, it’s hard for homeowners to notice developing problems.

As a roof replacement contractor in Salt Lake Valley, we often get calls after heavy rainstorms when homeowners notice leaks. By the time a homeowner notices a leak, some significant damage has already occurred. For water to leak into your home, it must penetrate the shingles, underlayment, and roof deck. If this happens, the water then ends up in your attic, soaking your interior area and creating a breeding ground for mold. Once rainwater starts to leak through the ceiling into your home it’s time to consider if you need new roof installation or roof repair.

This does not necessarily call for a roof replacement at your home — you may be able to get away with a roof leak repair. Sometimes it’s easy to tell when to do a roof repair and when to do a roof replacement, but other times it can be a tough call. Below, we list some signs that point to getting a roof replacement.

Signs Roof Replacement is Necessary

  • Your roof is leaking. While a roof leak repair maybe an option if you only have one leak in a concentrated area. However, if you have more than one leak or if wood rot is part of the problem, roof replacement may be the wiser choice.
  • Your roof has suffered major damage. We don’t get hurricanes here in Utah, but we can get hurricane strength winds, so the chances of your roof blowing off entirely are low but not impossible. When roofs in Utah suffer major damage, it is usually due to a limb or an entire tree falling on a home. Even though we live in a relatively dry climate, storms happen, and wind is just as dangerous, if not more so, than rain.
  • Your roof is old. Just because your roof is old doesn’t mean you have to replace it if it is functioning well. However, if you have called a residential roofing company in Salt Lake Valley because you are worried about buckling, sagging or other issues you can easily see from the ground, it might be smarter to get roof replacement rather than try to repair these issues. In general, an average roof last 15-25 years in the state of Utah with the extreme heat and cold. And this is if it was properly installed, maintained, and ventilated. Also, what type of materials it used.
  • Your roof looks old and worn. Make no mistake, our roofing contractors are not suggesting a roof replacement in Salt Lake Valley as a solution to a cosmetic issue. What we’re saying is that roofs send signals when they’re nearing the end of their useful lives. These include:
    1. Shingles shed granules. You’re likely aware that asphalt shingles are covered in granules made of crushed mineral and stone, giving them a gritty feel. As the shingles become old and worn, they shed more of these granules, and you may be able to see them in the watershed area where your downspout expels the rainwater from your roof.
    2. Shingles are curling. As asphalt roofs age and lose their granules, the material underneath is exposed to the elements. After years of relentless sunshine and rain, the edges begin to curl. If you see this problem only in one area of your asphalt roof, it could be a moisture penetration issue that can be repaired. But if many of your shingles are curling on all different parts of your roof, it’s time to call a roof replacement contractor in Salt Lake Valley.
    3. Your asphalt roof has black streaks or moss growing on it. The appearance of black streaks (algae) and moss are not in themselves reasons for a roof replacement, but if they appear along with other problems, it may be time. Moss and algae grow in the near-constant presence of moisture, and it’s this moisture that is the major threat to your roof. If you have leaks and mold along with algae and moss, roof replacement may be necessary. You also may want to consider cutting back trees that overhang your new roof to allow it to dry out thoroughly after rainstorms.

Do You Need Roof Replacement?

The only way to know for sure if you need a roof replacement, is to call a qualified roofing company. Whitaker Roofing, a family-owned and operated business for two generations, is a trusted and highly rated Salt Lake roofing contractor.

Our roofers will come out to your home, spend about an hour evaluating your roof and take pictures of any damage or issues we find so we can give you the most accurate estimate possible.

Contact Whitaker Roofing today to see whether you need roof repair or roof replacement.

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