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Fall Roof Maintenance: Debris and Gutter Cleaning

For home and building owners concerned about the quality of their roof, the fall period we’re just entering is a vital one. As the transition between the summer and winter, fall is an ideal time to inspect the roof and make any minor repairs where needs have cropped up over the prior hot months, plus to prepare it for expected snowfall and cold weather coming a few months down the line.

At Whitaker Roofing, we’re proud to offer numerous roof inspections and checkups along with roof repair and roof replacement. We’ve assisted hundreds of clients in preparing their roof for the fall or upcoming winter season, and we’ll do the same for you. Either on your own or with the assistance of our pros as-necessary, this two-part blog series will go over several basic themes for fall roof upkeep.

Check for Debris

Fall is a season where leaves and other debris are more common than other parts of the year, so it’s crucial to make sure your roof stays clear of any blockages. Leaves in particular might be small, but they’re certainly dense and heavy enough to cause damage and even clog up gutters should you let them build up over time.

Perform a basic visual inspection of your roof for any leaves, branches, or other debris. If you do see something more than just a few stray leaves up there, reach for your extension ladder and get to work removing the obstructions. We also encourage this basic inspection to be paired with one of our quality roof inspections.

Clean Your Gutters

The gutter system is absolutely part of your roof, so it’s important to make sure it gets the same treatment and checkup. Just like your roof, we recommend doing a visual inspection as well as giving the gutters a little clean with your preferred leaf blower or other gutter cleaner. If your roof is high up or you’re concerned about safety for any reason here, our roof experts will be happy to help.

Add a Gutter Guard

For roofs that have significant leaf or other debris buildup each fall, it might be time to invest in a gutter guard. Not only do guards keep more debris out of your gutters (and subsequently from falling down onto your roof), they also protect gutter and roofing systems from any damage caused by blockages or excess buildup. In addition, gutter guards actually tend to add significantly to property curb appeal, as prospective buyers are typically impressed that you’ve taken such interest in protecting the roof and its surrounding structures.

For more on how to prepare your roof for fall and winter, or to learn about any of our roof repair or other roofing services, speak to the staff at Whitaker Roofing today.