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How Did Winter Treat Your Roof?

While you were in your home cozy and warm through the winter, your home did its job of protecting you from the harsh winter elements. Through storms and ice, snow and sleet, your home stood proudly as the protector of your family. No matter what winter threw at it, your home withstood to keep you all safe and sound.

This is not to say that your home came out of the winter unscathed and your roof often takes the brunt of the damage. Whitaker Roofing has seen many roofs needing to be repaired in the springtime. As homeowners venture out of their homes, they begin to notice that some things need attention.

Ice Buildup

Throughout the winter, ice will buildup on your gutters. Often, it is not a serious problem and melts away when warmer weather returns. Sometimes, though, the water will collect in one area and freeze creating an ice blockage that prevents proper drainage of the water that runs off of your roof. This can cause the water to backup and collect in one area. Anytime water stands in one area of your roof, it can cause damage. The shingles themselves can become damaged or even the roof underneath. Having your roof inspected by a Salt Lake City residential roofing company at the end of a hard winter can ensure that there has been no permanent damage that needs to be addressed before it gets worse.

Wind Damage

There are times when there is nothing so fierce as the winter wind. It can whip through Salt Lake City and tear at the shingles and flashing on your roof. Not only can shingles be blown off but they can also become damaged. Falling debris such as twigs and branches from nearby trees can dislodge your shingles. Shingles don’t just keep your roof looking beautiful. They have the important job of protecting the roof below. They keep out moisture that will cause tremendous problems for your roof. Shingles with ridges, missing shingles, or loose shingles should all be repaired quickly. If repairs are postponed, it can mean an entire roof replacement.

Mold And Mildew

Mold and mildew are the silent roofing threats. The damage they can cause is unthinkable. Winter is the perfect time for mold and mildew to begin growing on your roof or to even sneak through damaged areas of your roof and enter your home. As snow and ice slowly melt, all of that moisture can hang out on your roof for far too long. If even the smallest crack is available, the moisture will find its way in and the mold will begin to grow. It can cause extensive damage to your home and can even make your family sick.

Don’t let winter roofing problems wreak havoc on your home. Calling a Salt Lake City residential roofing company like Whitaker Roofing to inspect your roof now can ensure that any problems are taken care of so you can enjoy the rest of your year. At Whitaker Roofing, our simple, five-step process makes roofing repairs and replacement easy and our top-quality workmanship ensures that every job is done right. Contact us today to get started.