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Reasons July is a Good Time for a New Roof

You might be thinking that the central part of summer isn’t ideal to schedule a new roof installation on your home or building, but this can actually be a misconception. While it’s true that demand may increase somewhat this time of year, you also have to factor in how many people take trips and aren’t around, especially during the month of July in particular.

At Whitaker Roofing, we often recommend July as an ideal time for roof replacements or new roof installation needs for our clients. Why exactly is this? Here are a few of the key reasons.

Many People Go on Vacation

July is perhaps the single most popular month for vacations, with many people heading out of town for extended periods of time. This can actually work to your advantage when scheduling a new roof installation.

For one thing, it means that there will be fewer people around who need to be accommodated during the project. That can make coordination simpler and potentially even help to shorten the overall timeline for the project.

It can also be helpful in terms of noise concerns. If you have young children or other family members who are sensitive to loud noises, they may not be around during the project and won’t need to be accommodated.

In some cases, people who are planning to be gone for an extended period of time may actually prefer to have the project done while they’re away, so they can come home to a brand new roof.

The Weather is Usually Good

Another major factor to consider is the weather. In many parts of the country, July is one of the driest months of the year. That can be extremely important when you’re having any type of roofing work done.

A dry forecast is important because it helps to reduce the risk of any delays due to weather. It also helps to ensure that the project can be completed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Fall is Often Busier

While you may not have realized it, fall is often an even busier season for roofers than summer is. That’s because so many people wait until the leaves start to change to schedule their roofing projects.

If you schedule your project in July, you can avoid the rush and potentially even get a better price. Many roofers offer discounts for those who are willing to schedule their projects during slower times of the year.

As you can see, there are actually quite a few good reasons to schedule a new roof installation in July. If you’ve been putting off your project, this may be the perfect time to get it done. Contact Whitaker Roofing today to learn more.