Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Layers Of Asphalt Shingles Can I Have On My Roof?
Utah state code allows up to 2 layers of asphalt shingles.
How Long Does Re-Roofing Take?
It depends on the size of your roof and whether we are tearing off the existing roofing system. Our average job usually takes our crew 3 days to complete
What is the difference between a tear off and an overlay?
An overlay means that another layer of shingles will be installed over the existing shingles and that your roof only has 1 layer of shingles currently. This is also referred to as a “Recover.” Overlays or recovers take less time to do and cost less money up front. An overlay is not recommended if you have a leaky roof because this may mean there is damage to the decking or OSB that needs replaced. Also, overlays are not recommended if the current shingles are curling, flaking off and not in decent condition.

A tear off means that all the existing layers of shingles are taken off the roof before new shingles are installed. A tear off allows us to inspect the decking (the layer of wood underneath the shingles) to see if any problems exist. Shingles installed on the decking instead of another layer of shingles will last longer and the warranties are better because the decking is fully inspected in a tear off. A complete tear off will cost more than an overlay but it will also last longer.
When Is The Best Time To Re-Roof?
Whenever is best for you! We replace roofs throughout the year if the minimum temperature is above 35* and dry. During the hottest part of the summer, we schedule our work during the cooler parts of the days such as early mornings or later evenings when possible.
Should I install dark or light shingles?
While it is true that light colored shingles help to keep the roof cooler in the summer, if the roof is properly vented and if you have adequate insulation in your attic, we suggest you choose the color that you like the best and goes well with the exterior of your house. The warranties are the same no matter the shingle color.
What Does Energy Star Rated Mean?
Energy Star roof products reflect more of the sun’s rays. This decreases the amount of heat transferred into a building. There are currently only a few asphalt shingles that are Energy Star rated. They include the Silver Birch color in many of the CertainTeed’s line of products and CertainTeed’s Landmark Solaris shingles in all colors.
Should I be at home while my roof is being replaced or repaired?
This is entirely up to you. The work will be noisy and a little messy. Some of our customers prefer to be out of the house while the work is being done, while others prefer to be there to ask questions. Our roofers don’t need access to the inside of the house, just an outside power outlet. So, feel free to come and go as you please. Most repairs we do not require customers to be home, but if we need to access attic due to a leak and so forth, we will be sure to communicate this with you when we schedule the work.
Can you give me a price over the phone for replacing or repairing my roof?
Unfortunately for full roof replacements we are unable to give pricing over the phone. The cost of a roof replacement depends on many factors. We need to get exact measurements to know the square footage. We need to look at the roof to see if you need a complete tear off or if a recover/overlay is possible. Other factors include your choice of shingles and ventilation. The cost is also affected by the pitch of your roof, and the number of layers you have as well as the kind of access we have for loading shingles and placing a dumpster. Our estimates are free, so give us a call and we’ll be happy to come to your home and give you a custom bid. On some generic repairs, such as swamp cooler removal and patching, sealing pipes, replacing turtle vents, or replacing a few missing shingles, we have more flexibility and maybe able to give you quote over the phone. It is a great help if you can take pictures of damage and provide us with as much detail as possible. We do have a repair minimum and if we find more damage while we are out at our home, we will do our best to communicate any additional unforeseen costs prior to doing the work. Give us a call or email us and we will reach out.
Why Do I Need To Be At Home When You Come To Inspect My Roof?
Roofs are a big investment, and you should meet who you are choosing to use. There are many factors that influence roofing proposals. It is important that we meet with you to discuss what you want done so that you get exactly what you desire. We schedule exact times that our estimators will be there for the appointment, which could take 60 to 90 minutes depending on your questions and the complexity of your project.
How Do I Know What Kind Of Ventilation System My Roof Needs?
This is a very important question! At Whitaker Roofing, it is one of the factors we will discuss thoroughly with you. In Utah’s climate, with our hot summers and cold winters, your choice of ventilation will affect your home heating and cooling cost for years to come. It will also affect the life of your shingles. The style of your roof will determine to some extent which ventilation systems will work best for you. So, call us to get a free estimate and we will cover this topic with you.
Why should I get a professional involved in roofing my house?
Too often we see the consequences of improper roof installations. Doing it yourself or hiring a friend or neighbor may be less money up front, but it can be very expensive to repair these mistakes later. Your roof is what protects your family and your personal possessions. If the snow or rain were to leak into your home because of improper installation, your savings are quickly lost. Likewise, the liability of hiring an unlicensed, uninsured person may have additional consequences. If the individual should fall off your roof, you are now responsible for their injuries which will affect your homeowner’s insurance. In the long run it pays to let us cover the job with our insurance and workers compensation policies to protect you.
Do I have a choice in the type of shingle I use?
Yes, this is another reason you need a roofing professional to come out to your home and talk with you. In today’s market you have a myriad of choices when it comes to roofing materials. Let Whitaker Roofing help you make the right choice that is best for you and your needs. We are the experts in what is available and what will work best in our climate. Call us today to get a free estimate.
Do you charge for estimates?
No, if you are the homeowner, we do free repair and full roof replacement estimates for asphalt shingles and TPO membrane roofs. Also, if you are the homeowner and would like to have the roof replaced before you sell your home, we can give you a free estimate. If you are selling or buying and just need an official inspection report for negotiating the price, we do charge a fee. This includes a written report, pictures, and recommendations if repairs are needed or if the roof needs to be replaced along with proposals to do so. If you end up having us do the work later, we will credit back some of the fee after work is completed. We cannot do same day or last-minute closing inspections for due diligence.
How long does a roof typically last?
In Utah the normal life expectancy of a typical, entry level architectural shingle is 20-25 years. Many factors affect the roof’s life: type of shingle, ventilation, condition of the decking, etc. TPO membrane roofs last around 15-20 years. Poor ventilation will cause your roof to wear out prematurely.
Can we reuse our turtle vents?
When we’re tearing off a roof, the turtle vents can’t be reused unless they are newly installed and made of metal.
Do you do rain gutters installation & repairs?
Yes, we can coordinate rain gutter replacements with our gutter vendors if you're doing a full roof replacement. Just let us know so we can have the estimator include new gutters in your bid. During most re-roofs, we can leave the gutters in place and just clean them out and secure them. However, sometimes gutters are not reusable depending on the type and condition of the gutters. We will do our best to save them. Please let us know if you are interested in having soffit or siding work completed. We can get you in touch with the right company.
Do you do any structural work?
There may be basic structural work that we can do (replacing bad decking, building a diverter, replacing bad fascia) when we re-roof. However, if it is too involved, we would recommend a general contractor be used. For instance, if you are changing the pitch of your roof or adding a dormer or entry way, etc. it is best to use a general contractor. We can give you a few referrals and can help coordinate this work with our roof if needed.
When will I get my Invoice?
With repair work, we try to send invoices within a day or two after work is completed. For full roofs, we will be mailing you a final invoice packet within 1 week of work being completed. You can pay with a check, cash, or ACH or by credit card online or over the phone. We except all major credit cards Visa, Amex & Mastercard etc.
Do you replace Gable vents?
No, gable vents are typically part of the siding/stucco/brick of your home. An exterior contractor would be best to work on these.
I replaced my roof but now I want to replace my fascia and soffit. Will that affect the drip edge?
No, this will not affect the drip edge. However, we refer customers to a gutter company for gutters, soffit, and fascia replacement.
Do we install metal roofs, shake roofs or composite slate roofs?
We do not install metal, shake, or composite slate. Again, we specialize in standard asphalt shingle installation and/or TPO membrane for residential flat roofs.
Do you repair tile, metal, or wood shake roofs?
We do not repair tile or metal roofs, but if you are interested in replacing your tile/metal roof with shingles, then we can give you an estimate. Some repairs are possible on wood shake roofs. Give us a call and we will evaluate the situation.
Do we remove satellite dishes?
We can remove unwanted satellite dishes when we repair or replace your roof. We are also pretty good at re-installing them when we remove them to replace your roof. At times, you may have to get the satellite company to come and adjust it.
Do we install heat cables?
Not as a standalone job. If you have heat cables and we are replacing your roof, we can put them back on for you if they survive the tear off. Basic heat cables only last 3-5 years and become brittle and will crack when we remove them. We suggest replacing them with new heat cables and usually refer people to companies who specialize in heat cable installation.
Do we install snow guards?
We do not typically install snow guards. They are mainly for metal roofs, which we do not install or repair. We strictly work with asphalt shingles and TPO membrane.
Do we offer any discounts?
Yes, we offer a 3% discount if you pay your invoice by cash, check or ACH. Please be sure to mention to estimator if you’re interested in this discount. Ask your estimator for any senior or military discounts.
Do you require roof deposits?
Yes, we require 30% deposit for full roof replacements. This allows us to put material on hold and officially put you on our schedule. The rest is due after work is completed. However, we do not require deposit on repairs and small jobs under $5,000.
Do you offer financing?
Yes, we do offer financing with a third party called Hearth. We have a helpful calculator you can use on our home page under the finance tab. The calculator will help you calculate the general cost of your roofing project. It is based on your current credit rating and the general cost of your project. It does not require you to pull credit information. Once you decided you want to move forward there is a link to Hearth website where you will fill out the official application to start the process.
Do you do commercial or new construction?
In general, we do not do commercial roofing or new construction. If you would like a referral or would like us to review your request, please give us a call. However, we do work on remodels and additions.
I had a tree fell on my roof can you remove it?
No, we do not have the equipment to remove trees off a roof after major storm. You would need to call a professional tree removal company first. If no structural damage you would then want to contact a general contractor. But if no structural damage we can see if a temp repair can be made or at least help you cover any exposed areas and schedule for a partial roof replacement or large repair later.
Do you remove swamp coolers?
Yes, we can remove swamp coolers from the top of a roof. If swamp cooler is not located on your roof for example, it is on the side of your home we are unable to assist. Likewise, if you have a metal, title, or shake roof we would also not be able to assist. We only work with asphalt shingles and TPO. If you have a tar and gravel roof, we can put a metal cap over the hole. Call the office and we can email you a general bid. Keep in mind the average bid assumes the swamp cooler is average sized, that the roof is not extra high up or steep, there are not multiple layers of shingles on the roof, and that there is no damage around the swamp cooler. These items will be an additional charge. Last, we do not to any interior work such as removing the existing duct work, drywall, plumping or electrical but we can give you some professional referrals.
What is the difference between regular, pro, and premium shingle options?
The simplest answer the thickness. The thicker they are the longer they will last. We have a downloadable brochure under our resource options to go over the details.
How the Equipter RB4000 Protects Your Landscape
So, you’re replacing your roof? We know the headaches, the stress and all the big decisions in front of you. While you’re carefully examining all your options, don’t be swayed by price alone. There are some roofing companies who cut corners and offer a sub-par product. There is always a high cost with a cheap contractor. Make sure to look for a roofing company that's main goal is to deliver a clean, efficient job.
In the world of roofing, it’s nearly unheard of to hear "clean" and "roof replacement" in the same sentence. Much less expecting a clean and efficient job site. As a consumer, should you be offered anything less? When you choose a company with an Equipter RB4000 you’ll receive both a clean and efficient job well done. Imagine that, having your property look the same way after a roofing company leaves, well, except that you have a new roof of course.
How the Equipter RB4000 Increases Efficiency
The Equipter allows roofing companies to be in complete control of debris. None of your debris must touch the lawn. From the minute those old shingles come off your roof, they’re immediately in the Equipter ready to be transferred to the dumpster. It’s really that simple. Instead of managing the debris 3-4 times simply by manpower, the Equipter eliminates the clean up to only 1 step. Once the Equipter’s container is full, you simply drive it over to the dumpster, lift, and dump.
When you hire a roofing company that has an Equipter, you’re insuring the most efficient job completion on the market today. No tarps, shingles on the ground, or nails to be found for weeks. No wasted time, money, or landscape.

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