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5 Steps To Roofing Repair & Replacement In Salt Lake City.
We Like To Keep Things Simple & Easy For YOU


At Whitaker Roofing, we’ve got 2 generations of “working out the kinks” on every roofing replacement and repair in Salt Lake City. So much so, that we’ve boiled it all down to 5 simple steps. Life it complicated enough, no need to add to the chaos come time to replace or repair your roof.

1. Bid Job

Every job naturally starts with the question… “How much?” We’ve created a bid process that typically takes less than 60 minutes at your home to evaluate your needs, take photos of your roof from multiple angles, and get you a quote right there on the spot. Moreover, we keep our bids simple to read and understand so you feel at ease come time to match things up with your budget.

2. Schedule Job

With several Salt Lake City roofing projects often going at once, we use sophisticated scheduling software to make sure we properly schedule your project at the right time that’s convenient for you and that’s doable for us. If there’s a need to adjust the schedule on either end, our dedicated operations manager revisits the calendar and gets you plugged in accordingly.

3. Start Job

We’re sticklers for keeping on schedule barring no delays from Mother Nature (she’ll always get her way). You can appreciate why after so many years of doing roofing repairs and replacements in Salt Lake City; if there’s one thing we know, it’s that staying on schedule makes everyone’s life easier.

4. Customer Sign-Off On A Job Well Done

This is a super important step for us. We want to make sure you’re 100% satisfied with our work before we move on. So we take the extra time to go over exactly what we completed on your project, and if your home at the time, we’ll get your autograph to confirm a job well done!

5. Check Back In Within 12 Months

At Whitaker Roofing of Salt Lake City, we commit to following up with you within 12 month after the job is complete. This way, as the roofing materials “settle” per the weather and other elements, we can proactively keep an eye on it all to make sure your new roof or repaired roof is SUPER SOLID. Our charge for these follow-ups is $0. Why? Because we’re confident in our workmanship and the quality materials we use on every job.

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