Quality Roof Repairs

If you notice roof damage, it’s critical that you have an expert look at it as soon as possible. Here at Whitaker Roofing, Salt Lake’s top residential roofing contractor, we can help determine if it will be more cost-effective to do an overlay/recover, full roof replacement, or roof repairs.

Whitaker Roofing Salt Lake City Utah

Signs You Need Roof Repair

There are a variety of signs to watch for that might indicate that you may need roof repairs. You should give us a call if you notice that your shingles appear to be any of the following: missing, curled, cracked, discolored, or consistently wet. However, shingles are not the only part of your roof that needs to be maintained. Be sure to look at your chimneys, skylights, swamp coolers, vents, and any other part of your roof that might be worn down. These signs can indicate that your roof is starting to suffer significant damage.

There might also be sagging or uneven areas of your roof, which could also be structural damage, or more commonly, water damage. Though they might look scary, these can often be narrowed to one area, preventing the need for a full roof replacement.

If you notice any damage, then give us a call. While you can easily see some of these issues with your roof from the ground, others can be harder to notice. We are more than happy to do an inspection and evaluate any potential roof repairs and damage.

(Note: Never climb onto your roof to inspect it. Climbing onto a roof is dangerous and requires special safety equipment.)

Assessment for Roof Repairs

When customers call us for help with their roof, we have a procedure that we follow.

  • Step One: We schedule a site visit to your residential home to assess the condition of your roof. We spend 30-60 minutes inspecting your roof, taking pictures of any portions that appear damaged. This helps us determine the necessary repairs needed for your roof.
  • Step Two: Our experts will go over exactly how much the roof repairs would cost, versus getting an entirely new roof. We also provide our expertise on which would be the best option for short, medium, and long-term scenarios. Factors to consider are the age of your roof and how long you intend to stay in your home.
  • Step Three: You decide which option best suits you. Even though sometimes a more expensive solution makes more sense in the long run, we know you may not be able to spend that much money now and may opt for roof repairs rather than replacement. Because we don’t want affordability to affect such a big decision you’ll make for your home, we offer financing options that are available to you with ease. If you have questions about our financing, make sure to bring it up while you are scheduling your appointment.

Check around and see if you notice any damage, then give us a call. We are more than happy to do an inspection to evaluate any current damage and discuss your options for your roof repairs or replacement.