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Roofing That Makes Your Home More Energy Efficient

Your roof can make a huge difference in your home’s energy efficiency. But not just a little more energy efficient, though. No, your roof has a drastic effect on your home’s temperature and how hard your air conditioner and heating have to work. Installing an energy efficient roof from Whitaker Roofing can save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

The benefits of having a more energy efficient roof are that the temperature inside your home will be warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. The areas that are not heated or cooled, like the garage, will be more comfortable all the time. An energy efficient roof may actually last longer.

Energy Efficient Materials

Some roofing materials are more energy efficient than others because they naturally reflect the sun’s heat and stay a constant temperature. Metal and tile roofs are both more energy efficient than traditional asphalt shingles. Metal roofs have the added bonus of energy efficiency. There is a layer of air between the roof and the metal that provides extra insulation which helps regulate the temperature even more. Metal is also an excellent insulator. If you want to add even more energy efficiency to your roof, choose a light colored metal. Metal roofing will be more expensive than shingles but you will save that money in energy costs and maintenance or repairs over the lifetime of your roof.

Light Colored Roof

The same principle that keeps you from wearing your black shirt on a hot July day applies to your roof. Choosing a light-colored roofing material will lower the roof temperature by reflecting the sun’s rays rather than absorbing them. This will cool the attic space under your roof. This is important because all of that heat will transfer to your home. Keeping your attic cooler is another key element of an energy efficient roof.

Attic Ventilation Upgrades

There are two things that you can do to keep your attic cooler, and therefore your entire home. Properly venting your attic will instantly save you money on your energy bills by allowing the air to move around and will extend the life of your roof even more.

The second way is to insulate your attic well. Heat and cold will transfer from your attic to your entire home if your attic lacks good insulation. Older homes typically have lower quality insulation and are overall insulated poorly compared to newer ones. An attic insulation upgrade can definitely save you money.

If you’re ready to find a Salt Lake City residential roofing company that can install an energy efficient roof on your home, Whitaker Roofing can help. We install a variety of energy efficient roofs and we can help you decide which one is right for your home. Call us or send us an email today.