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SLC Spring Roofing Project Value and Planning Tips

As many longtime home and building owners are well aware, the spring is often considered an ideal season in which to perform work or renovations on a roof. Between the generally nice outdoor weather and a few other important factors, there are several reasons why you might be thinking about targeting a roofing project for this time of year — but also some preparation variables you should be considering even earlier in the year.

At Whitaker Roofing, we’re proud to offer a wide variety of roofing services to clients throughout Salt Lake City, from roof inspections and repairs to significant roof replacement jobs your home or building might be in need of. Why is spring an ideal time of year for roof jobs, and what else do you need to consider here — including some advanced scheduling and planning? Here’s a primer.

Why Spring is Ideal for Roofing Jobs

There are a few reasons why spring in Utah is such an optimal season for roof repairs, replacements and related jobs:

  • Good weather: The winter is well past once we get into spring, but it’s also a few months until the dead heat of summer. Ideal roofing weather in spring includes mostly sunny days and not too much rain (although some is fine).
  • Responding to winter issues: Winter periods present significant strain to many roofs, meaning spring is an ideal time frame in which to look over any issues that may have arisen during the prior cold season.
  • Preparing for summer: As mentioned above, if you want to wait until the dead heat of a Utah summer before performing a roof job, that’s fine — but this isn’t recommended by most roofers. In addition to being extremely hot and possibly raining, summer is also the time frame in which many homeowners are away from their homes for the longest periods.

Why Advanced Planning is Important

A simple reality: You’re not the only one who has realized that spring is a great season for roofing jobs. Others have, too, and this makes it a popular season for roofing professionals like ours — and this means that themes like advanced planning and scheduling are extremely important.

This means that if you’re noticing minor issues in your roof during the winter, such as leaks or other damage, don’t wait to call our team — even if you plan to schedule your appointment a month or two out during the upcoming spring. Our schedule fills up quickly, thanks to the seasonality of roofing jobs in Utah — and this translates into a reality that you could have trouble getting an appointment if you wait too long.

If you call us with enough lead time, however, you’ll be completely set up for success. We’ll perform a full inspection of your roof and recommend the proper course of action, then cover all such needs comprehensively.

For more on preparing in advance for a spring roofing job, or to learn about any of our roofing replacements or repairs in SLC, speak to the team at Whitaker Roofing today.