Swamp Cooler Removal and Roof Patching

Due to our incredibly hot summers, Utah has been rapidly switching from swamp coolers to air-conditioning. However, those who are making the change are often stuck with an eyesore—those giant swamp coolers no longer have a use and take up space on your roof.

Whitaker Roofing services can remove the swamp cooler, minimizing the damage that might occur if the swamp cooler is removed incorrectly. Once the swamp cooler is removed, there will often be a hole in the roofing material, as well as a hole from the air ducts. We can patch the area, ensuring that it blends in with the rest of the rooftop.

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Options for Roof Patching After Swamp Cooler Removal

Choosing to advance from a swamp cooler to central air can be a difficult decision, mainly due to the cost. But the efficiency of central air is rapidly winning out, especially with the incredibly hot summers in Utah. If you’re ridding yourself of your swamp cooler, make sure that you do it properly, relying on professionals who know how to get it down without causing damage. It’s also important to patch it effectively, so there is no evidence it was ever there in the first place.

Once you decide to get rid of the swamp cooler to make the switch to central air, Whitaker Roofing has options to hide the evidence that it ever perched upon your rooftop.

One of the most popular options, as well as one of the most effective options, is to simply patch the roof. We will get the swamp cooler down and then frame and fill the holes with building material. We will patch the roof portion to match your existing roof, ensuring the shingles are the accurate color.

While roof patching is one of the obvious options, it definitely isn’t the only one. Another popular option is installing a skylight. There are many kinds of skylights—some can open and close electrically, while others simply provide more sunlight into the space. Our expert craftsman can help you decide which option works best for you before we cut the hole and install the light. We will finish the edges so that they blend seamlessly with the material of your roof.