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Undetected Roof Leaks Do The Most Damage

They are called the silent killers in the roofing industry. Hidden leaks do tens of thousands of dollars of damage right under your own roof and you never see it coming until it’s too late. Undetected by homeowners, they sneak into your home through the smallest of cracks but their destruction is great. Stopping them before the damage is irreparable and your entire roof needs to be replaced is essential. The key is knowing where to look for possible leaks in the first place.

Around Chimneys, Vents, And Dormers

The roof on your home is not just one solid piece. If it were, you would never have to worry about hidden leaks. No, there are joints and seams and even holes in your roof. Well, not holes like you might be thinking of, but your roof does have holes in it. There is a hole for the chimney, several cut out for vents, and even for dormers, all right there in your roof. Initially, these are all sealed off tightly with a metal strip called flashing and then caulked or sealed with rubber making your roof waterproof and keeping your home underneath nice and dry.

Over time, though, these protectors can wear. Flashing can rust or become loose causing gaps and cracks between your chimney or exhaust vents and the roof itself. The rubber seal can also break and crack and become damaged by the sun. In time, it no longer keeps a tight seal and gradually lets in more and more moisture.

Tiny Screw Holes Can Cause Big Damage

Throughout the life of your roof, there have probably been many different items attached to it. Satellite dishes are one of the most common and they are attached with screws. These screws are also sealed at the time of installation but with time, the seal can will wear and begin to leak. If the previous homeowner installed a satellite dish on your roof or if there is an old one there still, it could be leaking around it. Your roof should also be checked for any other screw holes, no matter how small, as they can eventually cause more and more damage.

Loose Or Damaged Shingles

Shingles aren’t just for beauty; they protect the wood underneath them from moisture. Damaged or missing shingles are not doing their job properly. Some roofs are made with a layer of plastic under the shingles. If this plastic gets perforated, it will let water in.

Ice Dams

When water collects and freezes in one place, often in your rain gutters, it can cause a chain reaction. As the water behind it continually backs up and freezes, it can begin to loosen the shingles and work its way under your roof. These ice dams can cause major leaks in your roof and are often undetectable unless you know what to look for.

Don’t let hidden leaks ruin your roof. The experts at Whitaker Roofing are trained to spot leaks that are often missed and prevent them before they do permanent damage to your home. We handle roof installation and repairs so call for your roof inspection today.